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Loaf bread, brioche, toasted bread, fruit cake, round loaves, crustless bread, country bread, etc.

We manufacture molds, pans, and lids for baking, according to the type of finish your product needs

Embossed molds, folded molds, and various finishes or coatings contribute to our product offerings.

Our pans design facilitates easy demolding, ensuring smooth operation.

Operational efficiency is achieved through streamlined drafting and serial production management, all centralized for seamless collaboration.

We provide specialized guidance to enhance your product’s market impact beyond mere design considerations.

We assure consistent quality, absolute precision, and a robust, enduring design, vital for industrial use in automated baking lines to uphold product quality.

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Custom solutions: we design products tailored to your specific needs, from conception to production.


Aspects to consider

  • Stable profile frame with or without edge stop.
  • Boxes with or without corrugation.
  • Boxes with or without perforation.
  • Single, double, or reinforced frame.
  • With or without matching lid with ventilation grilles.
  • With or without frame guide (suitable for robotic handling).
  • Stackable design.
  • Materials: aluminized iron, polished iron, …
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