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Consultancy and technical assistance

Explore how our trays can enhance both the quality and production of your products. For sandwich bread, baguettes, hamburger and hot dog buns, croissants, and pastries.

Are you in the initial phase of launching a new product?

Congratulations on embarking on this journey! We understand the critical importance of selecting the right trays for crafting your creations.

Our mission goes beyond merely selling trays; we are committed to offering comprehensive guidance and support at every stage.

Drawing from our extensive expertise in the food industry, we offer technical assistance to help you identify the optimal tray design.

By thoroughly analyzing your project, product, and objectives, we tailor our recommendations to enhance your efficiency and presentation.

Rest assured, our trays not only meet stringent industry standards but are also engineered for longevity, providing the reliability and peace of mind essential for your business.

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Factors to consider when designing a tray

The choice of material is crucial for ensuring the durability and performance of the tray. Options range from aluminized steel, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, to composite materials with tailored thermal properties.

Cell configuration is another key aspect, determining the depth, spacing, and arrangement of cells for optimal performance.

Tray profiles are customized to meet specific production, handling, and transportation requirements.

Reinforcements are incorporated to enhance structural rigidity and withstand deformation in industrial settings.

Special finishes, such as non-stick coatings or thermal treatments, may be necessary for some trays to improve food release and simplify cleaning after use.

If these factors are clear to you, please fill out the form, and we will promptly provide you with a customized quote.

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