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We have a varied selection of pans that perfectly fit your requirements.

These are pre-made options that we can reproduce exclusively for you.

For sliced bread, toast, whole grain bread, gluten-free bread, hamburger and hot dog buns, croissants, madeleines, and all types of pastries or sweet and savory rolls, toast, baguette, frozen and pre-frozen bread.


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We utilize a range of high-quality materials in the manufacturing of our trays, ensuring exceptional durability, even with prolonged use in the oven.

What type of profile does your tray need?

In terms of handling, transport, and storage, tins have different edges or profiles that contribute to their efficiency and functionality.

Considering these needs, we can find trays with:

  • Straight frames perpendicular to the tray surface, which facilitate orderly and stable stacking of the trays.

  • Inclined frames to facilitate the insertion and removal of trays in automated systems.

  • Frames with staggered levels to facilitate stacking and prevent direct contact between baked goods.

  • Gently curved frames that make cleaning easier and reduce the risk of residue buildup.

  • Tabs on the edge for easy handling and grip during manipulation.

U-Profile – Tube – Standard – Type G – Rounded – Square – Reinforcement – Angle – Stackable

Trays per product form

Consult our catalogues (pdf) of designed pans. Sorted by alveoli shapes.

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